Hindu theology

Most diverse of the world’s religious traditions, Hinduism and its practitioners engage with a wealth of sacred scriptures, ritual practices, and didactic narratives both across the Indian subcontinent and in diaspora. Central to the tradition is the ancient and ongoing conversation about way of life enjoined by eternal law.

Hindu theology in the Encyclopaedia

As in other faiths, the Encyclopaedia’s Hinduism section will include contributions from academics, particularly treating topics of pan-Hindu interest. It will also reflect the breadth and depth of Hindu learning by commissioning, translating, and publishing articles by traditional scholars, the pandits and acharyas, explicating their school’s particular claims and insights.

The section’s topics will include engagement with the concept of theology in Hinduism and exploration of a variety of perspectives on the nature of god and gods, and as well will focus on principal and pivotal concepts, practices, rituals, and other means by which a theological understanding is revealed or conveyed.


We seek academically rigorous contributions from scholars who support the Encyclopaedia’s objectives. Inquiries are welcome from researchers in any field of Hindu theology, broadly defined, to discuss how they might contribute.

For more information, please contact the editorial team at encyclopaedia@st-andrews.ac.uk.