Christian theology as a discipline

Christian theology is the study of divine revelation and human experience: it is the systematic and critical representation, explication, examination, and elaboration of the content and form of Christian faith in Jesus’ death, resurrection, and lordship and in God as Trinity.

It seeks to represent Christianity’s statements of belief coherently, to explicate them by reference to their biblical and historical foundations and contexts, to examine their significance and resilience, and to elaborate them in relation to new questions and discoveries. Christian theology enquires into the nature of God, humanity, and all existence, as well as their historical and ongoing relation and interaction. Theology crosses disciplinary, social, and conceptual boundaries today as it has since its inception.

Christian theology in the Encyclopaedia

The Christianity section of the St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology seeks to represent Christian theology in the widest sense. Its organization is primarily by concepts rather than sources, periods, or people. Denominational articles allow a wide range of major Christian denominations to set forth their distinctive theological traditions, while geographically and culturally specific articles draw out the particularities of Christian theology as it is studied globally.


The editors are working with scholars across the discipline to write, review, and advise on articles for the Christianity section. Inquiries are welcome from established researchers in any field of Christian theology to discuss potential contributions.

The Christianity section of the Encyclopaedia is launching in late 2022. For more information, please contact the editorial team at